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By George! —what is this thing called Spots & Boxes?

What you will see here is the amazing, death defying, fantabulous collection of copywriting for TV, Long Form Video, Social and Digital Content, Web Content, Slogans, Mission Statements, Product Description and Naming, Conference Presentation, Brand Development and Strategy, Corporate Sustainability Report, Print, and Radio.

In short, everything you could possibly witness confined within the tiny spaces of Spots… and… Boxes. Each created for a veritable kaleidoscope of clients ranging from CPG, B2B, B2C, Healthcare, Telecom, Technology, Tourism, and Hospitality. Not sure what you need? Lean on me. I will carry you.

In the meantime, I SUGGEST WE START HERE.

Smartling, Manifesto

New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute, Web Content

Smartling, Rebranding

Crystal Hot Sauce, Social Copywriting

French Market Coffee, Product Naming/Descriptions

Blue Runner Beans, Branding

Smartling, Long Form Video

Aptiv, Corporate Sustainability Report

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